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Morgan on the path to dismissal from X Factor?

The fourth X Factor live show left its mark. After the controversies, digs and arguments triggered by Morgan, the situation at the Sky talent show is tense.

According to some rumours, Morgan is on the path to dismissal. The straw that broke the camel’s back would have been the joke aimed at Fedezwhen he asked him «Fedez, are you acting as a psychologist for me?», and he replied: «I wouldn’t be able to», at which point Morgan without brakes replied: «You’re too depressed to be a psychologist». In front of the public the matter had been dropped there, but now, after a few days, the possibility of removing Morgan from the judges’ table emerges.

Morgan didn’t win the respect of his fellow adventurers in the last episode. In addition to having had his say to Fedez, he accused Dargen D’amico of being bent on show business, he underlined Francesca Michielin’s gaffe regarding the death of Ivan Graziani and he also pulled strings with Ambra Angiolini, so much so that at a certain point , during the broadcast, the presenter felt the need to clarify the rules of the format, including paying attention to the performances and speaking in turns.

In this climate of hostility, Morgan believes he is the victim of a conspiracy. Yesterday he also published a post in which the comparison between him, the lion, and the hyenas, the other judges, who attacked him was evident.

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In the meantime, no comments have been received from Sky.

Source: Vanity Fair

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