Mother had affair with daughter’s partner and got pregnant – ‘I was blown away when I found out’

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A dramatic story straight from a movie is doing the rounds on the internet after a woman claims her partner had a secret affair with her mother her, which she then left pregnant.

According to TikTok user named Vanessa uploaded a video that has garnered over 3.9 million views and tells her story.

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As he states, “it all started when I was on a trip to Mexico. The Roe vs. Wade case was just overturned US Supreme Court ruling banning abortion) that morning and I called all the women in my life to see how they were doing.”

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“When I picked up my mum she was obviously upset, she was crying. I didn’t think much of it because she’s a woman and she knows a lot of other women who would be affected by it… Two days later I call my mom again and she’s still upset. You could tell she was going to cry,” he added afterwards.

“The Inconvenient Truth”

She told me after a few minutes, that she is pregnant“, Vanessa noted and said that “when I heard the news, I congratulated her and talked about the next steps, like the first ultrasound and made jokes about the baby’s names.”

However, her mother “cut her off” and admitted that at the time she was secretly having an affair with Vanessa’s boyfriend and had just found out he got her pregnant. “After hearing this, my soul left my body” said Vanessa, who immediately packed her bags and returned to the US.

Since, she never spoke to her mother again, while she still had an unpleasant experience with her partner. Specifically, while she made it clear that they were breaking up, he wouldn’t let her leave the househad packed and hid her things, while asking for a second chance, stressing that “something is wrong” and how the child “will grow up with her mom”.

Then, warned him that he would call the police and he let her go, not trying to contact her again. Nevertheless many women who learned of this particular story contacted Vanessa and they reported how they had a parallel relationship with him during that time, without knowing the truth.

Source: News Beast

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