PF makes operation against illegal obtaining of gun registration certificate in GO

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This Friday morning (23) the Federal Police is executing five search and seizure warrants, in Goiânia, capital of Goiás, issued by the 11th Federal Court of Justice, with the aim of prohibiting the obtaining of a certificate of registration of a weapon for shooters. and hunters, through dispatchers working in the Brazilian Army, through fraud.

According to the PF, in today’s “Armed Registration” operation, thirty police officers are at addresses to pick up computers, cell phones and documents that will help in the investigations.

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Those involved in this action must answer for the crimes of forgery and use of false documents, conspiracy, with sentences of up to 13 years in prison.

“Armed Registration” refers to the activities carried out by gun dispatchers, to obtain the Registration Certificate for shooters and hunters, with false documents, making the Army in error.

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THE CNN contacted the Brazilian Army, but still no response

Source: CNN Brasil

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