Mouse walked around the meat in a grocery store

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A mouse was caught in the lens to cut walks in expensive beef in a chain store Whole Foods in Manhattan, according to the video that has gone viral.

The rodent appears to be chewing superior quality beef in the meat display, as we see in the video uploaded by a customer to TikTok.

The video with the mouse that walked on the meats

“I was extremely shocked,” Brittany Ellis, who pulled the trigger, told the New York Post. “I spoke to the director and I spoke to butcher».

The manager, however, did not have the reaction that the client would have liked, a fact that angered her: “First of all, he was a young child, he was joking. “The manager said he would bring it to the attention of management,” said Ellis, 26.

The video was made viral, garnered more than 1.8 million views, forcing Whole Foods to respond to the Post that it was taking the incident “very seriously”.

“We immediately removed and discarded all the products in the showcase, did a thorough cleaning and brought a third company for a thorough inspection,” said the company’s spokeswoman.

“I’ll not go to Whole Foods again,” Ellis said in a new YouTube video.

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