Move in who dares! They put the iconic house from ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ up for sale

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In the world of cinema there are objects that become the same or more famous than the films in which they appear, such as lightsabers from Star Wars, the book of evil Heavy girls, the heart of the sea of Titanic Or the red and blue pills of Matrix.

The horror genre is no exception, and this month some lucky person will have the opportunity to acquire the house where the events of the iconic film took place. Nightmare on Elm Street.

How much does the house cost?

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The famous house is not located on Elm Street in Ohio (what a disappointment), but in Los Angeles, California, and is currently asking $ 3,250,000 for it. Yes, you read that correctly, for just over 3 million dollars you can get a house with an open kitchen, with retro and modern style, a great suite master, bathrooms adjacent to each room, a laundry room and multiple rooms fitted out to be offices.

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Obviously, the interior of the house has been remodeled – don’t be scared, you won’t find Freddy Krueger sunbathing by the pool – but the facade remains as it was in 1984, with the exception that the distinctive door red is now black.

A piece of cinematic history

This is not the first important house in the history of cinema that has been put up for sale to anyone who wants to inhabit it. The home of Laurie Strode, star of Halloween played by Jamie Lee Curtis, he currently belongs to a family, which always has a pumpkin in front of the facade to indicate that it is indeed the famous house, so anyone can go and take a picture with it.

Although the villains are not included, it is obvious that places so famous and important in popular culture will always attract a significant number of visitors, so the fame and headache of battling with people who are going to take photos in front of the facade is part of the package.

Offers to buy the house must be made before October 31, when the agents who have it for sale will be giving sweets to the brave people who come to a tour for the infamous place.

We all missed Halloween last year due to the pandemic, so this year we will have the welcome tour for the holiday. We have to celebrate.

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