Movement for vaccination in Brazil gains reinforcement from celebrities; see who they are

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Restoring the high rates of vaccination coverage in Brazil is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Health under the management of Nísia Trindade. The National Vaccination Movement, launched with the participation of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), in February, encourages vaccination against Covid-19 and the application of other immunizers from the National Vaccination Calendar.

The campaign, which has already applied more than 3.8 million booster doses of the bivalent vaccine against Covid-19 to the priority public, has Xuxa Meneghel, physician and scientist Margareth Dalcolmo, and PwD influencer and activist Ivan Baron as ambassadors.

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The team was reinforced with the participation of over 17 celebrities who joined the cause to raise the country’s vaccination rates.

Beth Goulart, Emicida, Camila Pitanga, Camila Morgado, Mônica Martelli, Natália Lage, Nivea Maria, Paulo Betti, Caio Blat, Sheron Menezzes, Leandra Leal, Daiane dos Santos, Caio Braz, Douglas Silva, Hebert Conceição, Raíssa Machado and Vinícius Rodrigues participate in the initiative. The campaign videos with the participation of personalities will be shown on television and on social networks.

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In one of the contents, actress Beth Goulart relates in an emotional tone the story with her mother Nicette Bruno, who died of Covid-19 in 2020, a month before the arrival of the vaccine in Brazil. “Pain does not have to be a reason to vaccinate. Life, yes, it has to be. Let’s join the National Movement for Vaccination”, says Beth.

Drop in vaccine coverage

According to the Ministry of Health, national mobilization is one of the priorities for rebuilding the Unified Health System (SUS) and for restoring confidence in vaccines and in the vaccination culture.

Vaccination coverage has suffered drastic declines in recent years, aggravated by the lack of incentives and campaigns, according to the ministry.

“In 2015, Brazil reached an average of 95% of people completely immunized within the target audience of each vaccine in the Immunization Program, an average that reached a worrying 60.8% in 2021″, recalled President Lula at the launch of the campaign . “After a sad period of denialism and disbelief in our science, the federal government and the Ministry of Health are once again taking care of the Brazilian people”, added the president, who was vaccinated with the bivalent dose at the time.

In the first phase of the campaign, the elderly over 70 years of age, immunocompromised people, employees and people living in permanent institutions, indigenous peoples, riverside dwellers and quilombolas, a group of around 18 million people, are vaccinated with bivalent doses against Covid-19.

Then, as the campaign progresses and the dose delivery schedule, other groups will be immunized, such as people between 60 and 69 years old, people with permanent disabilities, health professionals, pregnant and puerperal women and the population deprived of liberty. . Information about the application start dates for new groups will be released by the municipalities.

Bivalent and monovalent vaccines, those available at all health units and offered to people who have not completed the primary vaccination schedule, are equally effective and protect against Covid-19 – understand here.

Source: CNN Brasil

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