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Moving stress, Giorgia Soleri’s experience and how to best manage it

The word move it gives real shivers of fear to many of the people who have passed through it recently. But often thinking about the big moves in life (which on average are two) causes anxiety and panic even in those who made them decades ago. After bereavement and divorce, moving is talked about as one of life’s most traumatic events. As exciting as it is to look for and move house, perhaps in favor of a larger and more comfortable home, the level of stress experienced when moving is so high. You lose sleep, you have the feeling of losing control over everything and there is never enough time to do everything. The influencer and activist Giorgia Soleri knows something about itwhich she recently shared in an Instagram storyy a photo of his face visibly affected by the psycho-physical fatigue of moving. But how to deal with this transition phase without getting overwhelmed? Expert advice to make the move as stress-free as possible. Seeing is believing.

Why moving causes us so much stress

As he points out psychologist Davide Cortesi«Moving involves a radical change and like all changes (personal and professional) it produces resistance in us. Although we live in a body that constantly speaks to us of change and life itself is a constant example of mutations and variations of path, we humans don’t like change. Some more, some less, we need to control and, above all, anticipate what happens and will happen in our lives. Which is not always possible, perhaps we should say fortunately. The move, in this sense, it puts us face to face with the change in our main “container”.: the nest, the cradle, the place to return to at the end of our days. So if you are facing a move and you feel in the grip of an emotional imbalancerest assured: everything is perfectly normal.”

How to manage and reduce moving stress

«Among the advice I would like to give to best deal with a move, I first mention an investment in planning. As far as possible, decide in advance what the steps will be through which to tackle the move, creating a real schedule. By doing so you will be able to release tension through the organization and gradual implementation of the various steps. Help yourself by creating rituals, for example by organizing a ritual of not only physical, but also emotional and energetic cleaning of the premises you are leaving. Even more important will be to prepare the environment in which you are moving. As? Using incense, essential oils, candles in the scents you love most: they will serve to create continuity and make you feel at home from the very first day. Move “virtually” into the new house even before the move, for example by thinking about how to furnish it and how to arrange it, so as to make it yours on a mental and imaginative level. Take advantage only of the advice of people you trust and who have the power to make you feel good, motivating and encouraging you: moving involves a considerable physical and emotional commitment, which is why this is not the time to be overwhelmed by the considerations of the usual pessimists or those who love to offer unsolicited judgments. Take inspiration from the change triggered by the move to modify aspects of yourself that don’t make you feel wellleaving the habits you want to get rid of in your old house. Keep in mind that every change has incredible generative power and that the potential for this change is largely determined by the quality of your thinking. In this time try to be as positive and optimistic as possible, asking for help when you are distraught and feel like you need a hand. It’s forbidden to be super heroes!

Source: Vanity Fair

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