MPT de Goiás investigates overtime work for pilots from the company PEC-Táxi Aéreo

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Last Friday (5), an accident with a plane belonging to the company PEC-Táxi Aéreo caused the death of singer Marília Mendonça and four other people. The causes of the accident are still being investigated by the Civil Police of Minas Gerais and Cenipa.

Pilots, co-pilots and ex-employees denounced that they extrapolated their working hours and did not receive weekly rest breaks. The Public Ministry of Labor of Goiás notified the company, which denied the facts.

The company admitted that there were excesses in the working hours during the pandemic. Pilots and co-pilots transported patients and equipment. Many patients from Manaus and Rondônia were transported by PEC-Táxi Aéreo.

The company said that employees were released to excesses in the workday after Anac released, through three exceptional ordinances. The company also reported that some pilots and co-pilots signed agreements agreeing to work overtime.

The Public Ministry of Labor requested documents from Anac, to find out if the employees worked overtime and how many hours it was, and if Anac released the overtime. Anac has not yet delivered the documents, according to the MPT of Goiás.

Another piece of information is that the Public Ministry for the work in Goiás will hear witnesses next week. They are pilots, company co-pilots and ex-pilots and ex-co-pilots.

The MPT-GO labor prosecutor, Marcello Ribeiro Silva, said that “if irregularities are found in the fulfillment of the working day, they will take the appropriate measures in the case”.

The labor prosecutor also added that “if any irregularity within the scope of the MPT is proven, a public civil action may be proposed seeking accountability for the fulfillment of the obligations of doing and not doing, to ensure compliance with the legal norms of working hours and even indemnity for collective pain and suffering”.

The labor attorney also said that the complaints were also delivered to the Federal Public Ministry and the State Public Ministry of Goiás.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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