Mr Borrell: ‘Sanctions are part of the EU’s response to Russia’

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“Sanctions are only part of the EU’s response to Russia,” EU High Representative Josep Borrell said in a blog post entitled “Why we have to resist when authoritarian regimes try to redefine international rules.”

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“Our diplomatic efforts will continue to stop a new outbreak of war in the heart of Europe. The risk of a major conflict is real and we must prevent it at all costs. So we will continue to reach out to the United Nations and the OSCE to bring it back. “Russia is at the negotiating table.” At the same time, he referred to the Russia-China joint statement of 4 February on the new era in which international relations are entering, and on the sustainable development of the world, as noted by the post of the Russian presidency to which the High Representative refers, emphasizing that “it is an act “and its essence is clear. It is a revisionist manifesto, in other words, a manifesto of world order revision.”

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Josep Borrell also refers to excerpts.

“An impressive passage states that ‘Russia and China are resisting the efforts of external forces to undermine security and stability in their common neighborhood.’ But for Russia and China, states are sovereign, not the people. “, he notes.

The High Representative adds that “the redefinition of democracy is another important part of their revisionist drive. They speak of ‘genuine democracy’. or the ‘organic democracies’ in Franco’s Spain “.

“Authoritarian powers – and not just Russia and China – seek to relativize the concept of individual rights, making them subject to local and culturally restricted restrictions,” he said.

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Source: Capital

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