The Brilliant Friend 4: here’s who could play Lenù and Lila

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No time to say hello History of those who flee and those who remain that the production of The Brilliant Friend is already thinking about Story of the lost childthe last chapter of the saga that will conclude a journey that began in 2018, when Rai Fiction and HBO decided to transpose the quadrilogy created by the pen of Elena Ferrante on the small screen. The dilemma, needless to say, concerns the choice of the protagonists given that, as we know, Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco, who have respectively lent their faces to Lila and Lenù since the first season, are ready to let their characters go because they would not be credible in the role of two such great women. To be honest, the two actresses should have given up the role of the protagonists already there The Brilliant Friend 3a choice, however, changed during construction also thanks to the director Daniele Luchetti who worked, together with the entire production department, to convince Gaia and Margherita to face Lila and Lenù even if they are more distant from them by birth.

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Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco inBrilliant friend 3

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This tour, however, does not escape. Girace and Mazzucco, despite some criticisms precisely because of the age difference that separates them from their characters, they managed to give a memorable performance which, as Luchetti explained, was reflected “in their expressions and attitudes”. Now, however, the time has come to leave the scene and hand over the two enemy-friends to two older actresses and two more educated women. “I don’t know how they’ll find all the characters, it seems like an impossible challenge”, Margherita Mazzucco told us about last season’s cast change, which has already begun to unleash the imagination of the very large group of fans of the series. Although the preparation phase is absolutely top-secret, it is precisely the public who crowd the Network with hypotheses and suggestions: some think, for example, that Alba Rohrwacher, narrator of the series, it would be perfect to welcome Elena Greco in his heart. She certainly contributes to the fact that she is romantically linked to Saverio Costanzo, director of the first two seasons of The Brilliant Friend and screenwriter of the third, and to have already worked with Luchetti on the film Laces, presented in Venice in 2020.

Gaia Girace Margherita Mazzucco inBrilliant friend

The fans, however, go wild, and here is the name of Serena Autieri which, however, is very different, in terms of features and temperament, from Mazzucco. For Lila, the hypotheses are even more varied: someone advances the name of Luisa Ranieri, who, however, has a very different physical form from that of Lila described by Ferrante, and of Irene Maiorinoalready seen in successful series such as The bastards of Pizzofalcone, Gomorrah – The series And Commissioner Ricciardi. The curiosity passed over in silence in recent months is that Serena Rossi was also considered for Lila, who did not, however, pass the audition. “They called me for the part of Lila, but at the time I was busy on the set of Mina September. I wondered how it would have gone if I had had more time to prepare. She was a nice strong woman role, ”she explained to her Grace last September. In short, the meat on the fire is so much, although it is very likely that the production of The Brilliant Friend decide to recruit unknown actresses to dwell more on the aesthetic similarities with Girace and Mazzucco and with what they manage to convey on the screen. The hunt is open.

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