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MrBeast gives houses to its workers and they CANCEL it by controller

Recently, the famous influencers American Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, was canceled by internet users because he bought houses in a neighborhood to give them away to his workers, friends and family.

The reason for the anger of his critics is that they accuse him of creating a kind of “business city”, which, in the end, will benefit his business. In addition, they assure that it is not healthy for a worker that his employment is to that extent related to his personal life.

Mr Beast appears with a wallpaper where a large amount of dollars can be seen

The famous youtuber MrBeast has achieved incredible success on social networks due to its entertaining content, in which it always ends up giving away money with its fun dynamics. In addition, he is well known for helping many people with his charitable campaigns.

However, their detractors have never been lacking and, according to yahoonews, a few days ago he was founded on social networks for announcing that he would practically buy a neighborhood for his workers and acquaintances to live there, since internet users immediately accused him of wanting to control people under the guise of doing good deeds for them . But influencers He has responded, assuring that he only wants to help.

Mr Beats appears with a sign for sale of a house for a dollar the house is big and two stories

Only I could get written off for giving people a place to live with no strings attached. All these ‘business city’ tweets are nonsense, I was just helping a few people.

Faced with this controversy, many Internet users have not hesitated to congratulate him on his wonderful idea, thanking him for being so generous and always looking for a way to help.

Mr Beats appears squatting, he is in the field as a green grass can be seen behind him, he is wearing a cap and has the hood of his sweatshirt on

Source: Okchicas

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