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MTG: find out what the funk trend is that is going viral on social media

On social media, whether on TikTok or Instagram, you’ve probably heard – and sung – a song MTG . This is because the tracks that have “MTG” in the title are not by an artist who bears that name, but rather by a trend that has become popular among DJs and singers. funk from the country.

MTG is a shortened form of “assembly “. Practically speaking, MTG is no different from a remix, as it brings together different songs on the same track with effects and changes made by the responsible producer and DJ.

“It’s nothing more than taking one or more songs and putting them together into one, making it like a kind of collage”, explains the music businesswoman Dani Faria partner at K2L and president of Urban Pop, at CNN . “MTG has existed since the 2000s, perhaps even earlier, it is not recent.”

The term emerged in Rio de Janeiro, according to the DJ and producer Mulu The CNN . “It was what Rio’s funk DJs called the more ‘expanded’ style of funk; They would take a piece of any song and repeat it, pressing a button on the soundboard over a beat, especially the ‘voltmix’ beat”, he says.

“Then the guys from BH started creating remixes mixing several MC voices and samples in a more minimalist and spatial style, they called it MTG and the name stuck,” he continues.

On Spotify, one of the most used music streaming platforms in the country, there are at least three tracks of this style among the 15 most played. In the Top 50 playlist in Brazil, for example, the song “MTG It’s Me Who Doesn’t Want It “, of Top DJ , is the most played song and appears in first place. On YouTube, the video has more than 8.3 million plays.

The track includes the song “Quem Não Quer Sou Eu” by Your Jorge , which is part of the singer’s album “Músicas para Churrasco Vol. 1”. Other musicians from genres other than funk have also had hits remixed on MTG, such as Sidney Magal , Kid Abelha , Pitty , Rita Lee , Mart’nália , Tribalists It is Luiz Gonzaga .

“When artists create montages, it quickly causes identification in the minds of the public. So if we take the example of ‘MTG Quem Não Quer Sou Eu’, it quickly goes viral and grows because of the identification it causes because it is already a song”, continues Dani Faria.

DJ Topo spoke in conversation with CNN about your first contact with the assemblies. “As a DJ and producer, I have always done MTGs, but more focused on SP funk. When I saw that MTGs in BH were growing, I decided to make some too! I must have heard my first MTG on YouTube about 2 years ago,” he said.

“The song that caught my attention to join the style was ‘MTG Quero Te Chega’. I saw that it and others were entering the Spotify charts and I started listening a lot. So I decided to do some in my own way!”, She spoke about creating the track that is a hit in the country. “I was wanting to do some MTG with a song in Portuguese.”

And it was on TikTok that DJ Topo came into contact with the music he would use for the montage. “A girl appeared to me using the original version of Seu Jorge as audio. I always liked this song when I was younger and I thought the lyrics and timbre would really fit into a BH MTG. I took the test, posted a preview on TikTok and it exploded”, he continues.

“I certainly didn’t expect [o sucesso da faixa], I really wanted to enter the Top 50 with a song as a personal goal, but top 1 was surreal. It was certainly my greatest achievement in a release as a producer”, he said, about the song occupying the first position on the Spotify playlist.

Another track that started to resonate on TikTok is an MTG by “Chihiro “, written by Mulú. The original track is by the singer Billie Eilish on his new album “Hit Me Hard and Soft”.

The DJ said that he had been listening to the album several times since its release and that he was already “flirting” with MTG. “QWhen I heard Chihiro’s powerful vocals, I immediately felt that the combination would be magical. It was an immediate connection,” she told CNN .

When I heard everything together with the funk beat, I felt like there was something special, but the virality went far beyond my expectations”, he continues. To date, audio on TikTok has had over 50 million plays.


My simple contribution to the universe of MTGs. If you want the whole thing, comment “I want” and I’ll send it as soon as I’m finished! #MTG #BILLIEEILISH #FUNK #remix

♬ MTG CHIHIRO by Mulú – Mulú

Social networks end up being fundamental for launches in general. “TikTok and Instagram are essential to help music move faster”, explains Dani Faria. “The content reaches more people and the music is spread.”

With this possibility, the MTGs made can quickly gain even more space. This way, DJs and musicians can explore the genre that is becoming increasingly common among artists, in addition to achieving prominent positions in the main charts, making an impact on the music industry.

I think MTG is already being a revolution for bringing back the song to the dances like in the funk melody era and allowing people to enjoy funk with less explicit lyrics, such as reinterpretations of MPB classics and pop music hits”, he contextualizes Mulu. “MTG by DJ Topo with the voice of Seu Jorge, for example, reached the top 1 of the charts without needing sexualization. I don’t want to sound moralistic here, but I think funk can only benefit from more diversity of themes.”

DJ Topo himself reinforces the possibilities that the montages create. “MTGs bring versatility to producers. Knowing that we can use voices of different styles and lyrics with different subjects gives us more options. Additionally, collaborations with artists who wouldn’t normally be into funk may start to emerge,” he said.

Dani Faria, however, warns about the dangers of DJs venturing into montages without thinking about copyright. “This assembly movement is good at the same time as it is dangerous, because artists need to be very attentive to releases. When we talk about editing and take other songs that are not copyrighted by that artist but are known songs from other artists, the music needs to be authorized”, he explains.

“There is no way to launch and monetize that without the author having authorized the use of the music”, concludes the businesswoman.

Source: CNN Brasil

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