MTS invited its subscribers to test 5G in Moscow

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Pilot zones with 5G coverage in the 4.9 GHz band have been deployed in Moscow, so residents and guests of the capital will be able to connect to the fifth generation cellular communication very soon. There are only two conditions: to own a smartphone with support for band n79 in the 4.4-5.0 GHz band, and also to be an MTS subscriber.

As the edition notes, the operator refused to name the brands of smartphones that will work in the 5G network, but it is known for sure that the iPhone 12 does not support this technology in Russia due to regional restrictions of Apple. Sources of the publication claim that users of Xiaomi and Huawei smartphones will be able to connect to 5G from MTS.

MTS intends to send SMS invitations to its subscribers to access technology testing. They will be selected based on the analysis of the data obtained, taking into account movement, location, service consumption and Internet traffic. Subscribers selected as test participants will automatically connect to 5G while in the network coverage area. MTS promises not to charge traffic, not to limit the speed and volume of the Internet consumed. What’s more, users will even be able to use their smartphones as Wi-Fi hotspots.

“Users of 5G-compatible smartphones will have the opportunity to experience all the benefits of the new standard when downloading heavy content, watching and streaming video in UHD quality, using AR / VR services and cloud gaming, or simply sharing high-speed Wi-Fi. At the same time, our specialists will solve technical problems to improve the 5G test infrastructure, its compatibility with subscriber equipment, as well as assess the factors affecting the quality of services, ”said MTS President Alexei Kornya.

Last summer, MTS was the first in Russia to receive a license to create a 5G network in the 24.25-24.65 GHz range. Business customers and large enterprises were able to appreciate the benefits of fifth generation cellular communication. At the end of 2020, the authorities allowed the Big Four operators to create a joint venture to develop 5G in Russia.

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