My Data Manager 9.4.2

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My Data Manager Is a convenient and practical application that will become an irreplaceable assistant in managing data transmission.

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If you often wonder where all the traffic went, then this app will finally be able to answer it. Monitor the traffic of each of your applications and stay on top of every kilobyte spent. Not all users have a package for unlimited use of the Internet for many reasons: it is very expensive, there are no such tariffs, specific conditions of tariffs and others, so it is very important to control traffic consumption.

With My Data Manager, you can monitor Wi-Fi, mobile internet or roaming traffic. You can also track which applications are consuming the most data and restrict their access to the Internet. If you are interested in the history of data use to estimate your tariff, then this application will easily provide you with it.

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Features of My Data Manager app:

  • Simple design;
  • Tracking the data of each application;
  • Traffic control;
  • Data usage history;
  • Setting up personalized messages.
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