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MyBabilon 1.9.12

1. Phone

2. Wallet

3. Pay with iQR code

4. iCoupon from our partners

5. E-Commerce

1. Phone is the easiest, most affordable and effective way to control your number: check the balance, the remaining packages, change the tariff plan, connect / disconnect services.

2. Wallet is a convenient interface for paying utility bills, Internet service providers, cable TV, banking services, mobile number top-ups, and much more, with which you can pay without leaving your home, without standing in numerous queues, and most the main thing is safe.

3. The iQR payment feature helps you pay with your wallet,

or a linked card for goods and services in the institutions of the city, just

by scanning the iQR code.

4. iCoupon is a discount on goods and services provided by our partners. Having received a coupon, you can buy the product you need at a discount, at a lower price.

5. In the E-Commerce section there will be a Marketplace, with which you can make Online-

purchases and make electronic payments.

It is possible to contact a Babilon-Mobile specialist who will promptly answer your questions, help you choose the right service or tariff plan, and advise on all issues.

If you use the application “MyBabilon”, via the Internet from the company “Babilon-Mobile” – the traffic is not consumed.

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