Mysterious space mission: China launched a reusable spacecraft into Earth’s orbit

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Yesterday, August 4, the Chinese state news outlet Xinhua officially announced the successful launch of a test reusable spacecraft into Earth’s orbit. It is worth noting that this space mission took place in a high secrecy mode – there are absolutely no details about the ship, its equipment or the tasks that are assigned to it. Two years ago, in a similar secret mode, Chinese specialists already launched a reusable spacecraft that stayed in orbit for less than two days – then no information was provided either.

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The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp declined to comment, so most likely the flight targets will not be disclosed for the foreseeable future either. It is only known that the spacecraft was launched into space on a Long March 2F cargo launch vehicle, which boasts a payload capacity of 8 tons. Accordingly, it can be assumed that the reusable spacecraft is similar in size to the American X-37B spaceplane currently used by the US Air Force. But, of course, this does not give the slightest idea about the functions and capabilities of Chinese development.

Source: Trash Box

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