N. Anastasiadis: In an organized way, some took care to blame the Greek Cypriot side for the failure in Crans Montana

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The reality has been repeated many times, but in an organized way some have taken care to place the responsibility on the Greek Cypriot side and not on Turkey and its uncompromising positions, said the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis, referring to what happened in Crans Montana.

Speaking to reporters after the memorial service for former President Glafkos Clerides at the Church of God Sophia, President Anastasiadis said: “It was a day of remembrance for a leader who left his mark, which history will tell. and refers to the struggles for achievement, for stubbornness, for morals, for his faith in democracy and for freedom. ”

Asked to comment on the contents of the Crans Montana meeting minutes published in the daily newspaper, the President said: which was disseminated by a specific United Nations official to those well-wishers who wanted to watch and listen to him.

The reality was repeated by me, but, unfortunately, in an organized way, some people took care to blame or imply that the Greek Cypriot side was responsible and not the real ones in charge, who were none other than Turkey and the uncompromising positions that expressed “.

Asked if anyone deliberately wants to rid Turkey, President Anastasiadis said that “the Secretary-General’s position was very clear: Abolish the anachronistic system and replace it with something that would be acceptable to both sides.

There is no clearer report than that of June 4, but also of those mentioned in the informal document. Those who insisted on guarantees, those who insisted on the presence of troops and even the creation of a military base in Cyprus, they are acquitted, because the Secretary General, out of contempt or to keep the door of dialogue open diplomatically, considered it constructive. attitude of the guaranteeing powers? And a simple reading of the positions of the two powers, two of the three: Turkey insisted on the continuation of the guarantees, Greece wanted the abolition of the guarantees, we wanted the withdrawal of the occupying troops, they insisted on a permanent presence. This was the constructive attitude of the guarantors.

What the Secretary-General says in another paragraph of the report: That almost all the issues of the internal aspect of Table 2, as it was called, had been agreed upon.

Otherwise, some insist on continuing the propaganda to no avail. It hurts.

I do not want to comment further, nor a group of journalists, unfortunately, who for four years now try in every way, not only to distort the truth and the historical facts, but also to undermine even the prestige of the President of the Republic of Cyprus. “History will judge them and will judge me,” said Mr. Anastasiadis in his statements.

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