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N. Anastasiadis: There is no solution based on what Turkey is asking for – The only thing that will succeed is its self-exclusion

THE German Chancellor Olaf Scholzreaffirmed on Wednesday (23/11) his support for a bi-zonal, bi-communal solution for the Cyprus issue, based on the decisions of the United Nationswhile he expressed his government’s will to support the eventual resumption of negotiations under the auspices of the UN.

During a joint press conference he gave with Mr President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiadesthe chancellor also spoke of “good opportunities” for regional cooperation in the energy sector in the Eastern Mediterranean, while emphasizing the his solidarity with the Republic of Cyprus, which bears a heavy burden on immigration and, referring to the EU-Turkey agreement, he underlined that “it’s important to work together and not against each other”.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, for his part, thanked Germany, both for the consistent “principled position” it maintains in the Cyprus issueas well as for the practical solidarity he demonstrates in the immigration issue, as well took over 500 asylum seekers who had arrived in Cyprus. Mr. Anastasiadis spoke of “tooling of immigrants” on the part of Turkey and He noted that he has also forwarded data to the German government on how migrants are being pushed from Turkey through the Dead Zone, into the areas controlled by the Republic of Cyprus.

“Within the EU, we have to work very closely together – no one can be left alone with these challenges. If we look at history, there were always two or three countries that faced a greater burden and it was wrong when other countries said that this did not concern them (…) I hope we all learned our lessons from this,” said Olaf Solz on the matter and referred to the reception of some of the asylum seekers in Germany.

“This is about lived solidarity”, he said characteristically and added that European ways must be found for the legal arrival of these people, but also for their return to their countries of origin. Regarding Turkey, Mr. Solz stressed that Berlin remains committed to the cooperative relations agreed with the EU. “The EU can help Turkey and support the people in Turkey. There is no sensible alternative here. It is important that we work together and not at each other’s expense. The path we have taken is the right one,” he said.

Answering a question about Turkey’s attitude towards Russia, Mr. Anastasiadis emphasized that “in order for the sanctions that are decided to be effective, everyone must contribute”. Some countries that want to join the EU and are members of NATO cannot “to show a behavior where, for the sake of their own benefits, they fail to take the necessary measures or invite Russians who are persecuted by European countries to invest in Turkey”added the Cypriot President.

Asked about the presence of Russian funds in Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis clarified that after the 2013 crisis, Russian investments have been reduced to 5.8% and Russian deposits to 3.8%, while a significant percentage of tourists have been lost. The Republic of Cyprus, however, has managed to make up for the losses, continued Mr. Anastasiadis and referred to the 6% growth recorded by the country.

In his initial statement, the chancellor had also referred to the “good opportunities” for regional cooperation in the field of energy in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the same time stressing the great importance of the good neighborly relations of the countries of the region. “My impression is that Cyprus is willing to contribute in this direction and we hope that other countries will do the same (…) The relationship between the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey is important for everyone, and the problems must be resolved through dialogue, on the basis of international law“, he pointed out. Berlin is working with Cyprus and the countries of the region that can provide solutions to the energy problem, he added, admitting however that this is a complicated process.

Nikos Anastasiadis, for his part, emphasized the importance of alternative imgs and routes to strengthen Europe’s energy security and autonomy and referred to the role that the Republic of Cyprus and other countries in the region can play.

Moreover, with an eye both on the Russian attack against Ukraine, and on the occupation of territory of the Republic of Cyprus by Turkey – a country that seeks to become a member of the European family – highlighted the importance of respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states, good neighborly relations and the resolution of disputes on the basis of the United Nations Charter. Especially with regard to the Cyprus issue, the president of the Republic of Cyprus made it clear that “there is no possibility of a solution on the basis of what Turkey claims unjustifiably and against international law” for a two-state solution, and called on Ankara to change its stance, as prolonged tension will also strain Turkey’s relations with the EU. “By insisting on a solution that is not based on UN resolutions, the only thing Turkey will achieve is self-isolation”he added.

Source: News Beast

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