N. Androulakis: It is unacceptable for NATO to be led by Erdogan’s blackmail

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Opening the thematic conference of PASOK-Movement for Change in Larissa for a new national productive model, Nikos Androulakis commented on what was happening at the NATO Summit in Madrid.

“Irony of history, to end up, to avoid a reviewer, a transgressor of international law, to sign an agreement with someone who has exactly the same strategy. This is NATO today. That is where Mr. Stoltenberg and the great powers, the “Sweden and Finland. It is unacceptable for the alliance to be led by Mr. Erdogan’s blackmail and instead of closing the door on armaments in Turkey, to open it wide. No one will play with the rights of the Greek people,” the PASOK president stressed. -Movement of Change.

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At the same time, he noted that “Stoltenberg’s persuasions ‘find’ reveal his real role, to put our country in the same sack, which respects international law, with a country of international turmoil that constantly lights fires throughout the southeast Mediterranean “.

Regarding the government’s response, Mr. Androulakis noted that he is moving forward in public relations at the international level and pointed out that for PASOK – Movement for Change “the arms embargo remains a priority, as it is the only strong message to a reviewing leader”.

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Speaking about the stance of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, Mr. Androulakis said that “Mr. Tsipras, in 2019 was celebrating the entry of Skopje into NATO, and today, as Mr. Tzanakopoulos informed us, he characterizes the entry of Finland and Finland as unnecessary. “An alliance in the midst of a catastrophic war in the heart of Europe that threatens both countries.”

Referring to the ecological climate, Mr. Androulakis pointed out that the Prime Minister said that the elections will be held at the end of four years, to emphasize that “the entire cabinet is leaking to journalists for elections in the fall.”

“It is not a force of consistency, it is a force of opportunism that fears winter and rushes to hold elections in the fall, so that the Greek people do not experience the arguments of its political choices,” said the PASOK-KINAL president.

Speaking about the state of the economy and the problem of accuracy, he said that “accuracy makes the daily life of the people unbearable” and added that “this year, millions of Greeks will feel like strangers in their place, it will be difficult even to take vacations”.

The president of PASOK-Movement for Change characterized the government’s choices in the fields of social housing and health benefits as deeply neoliberal, noting that these are sectors for the upgrade of which the Recovery Fund was not used, as other European countries did. He noted that “in order to create good jobs, we must reduce the tax on paid work and not on dividends, as this is how we support the employee.”

For the rural world, Mr. Androulakis presented a package of proposals for his immediate relief from the inconceivable cost of production due to energy accuracy, covering part of the cost of supplies and feed, by imposing a ceiling on the retail price of electricity, return of VAT fuel based on the consumption of each holding and financing of farmers – agricultural enterprises – cooperatives and energy communities for the installation of RES.

In strategic and long-term planning for a national production model, Mr. Androulakis said that there should be enhanced competitiveness and extroversion for our basic national products, such as olive oil, feta, etc., through the development plans of each Region . He referred to the provision of incentives for young people to engage in agricultural production, the finding and use of shady land by young people and the facilitation of the employment of land workers.

He also spoke about the support of new, modern form of cooperatives and producer groups, for measures related to the reduction of production costs, the strengthening of livestock and the utilization of pastures. Among other things, he spoke about the promotion of organic crops, the restructuring of ELGA, infrastructure projects, the need for connection and synergy of the agri-food sector with tourism, as well as the promotion of research and innovative farming techniques and the redistribution of its resources. CAP and the Development Fund.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

Source: Capital

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