N. Androulakis: Mitsotaki elitism, populism and demagogy Tsipras – The people need a credible alternative

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“We strive for the reconstitution of the democratic party, to embrace the anxieties of the members, the friends, the whole of Greek society, for a Greece of perspective, for a Greece of social justice, smaller social inequalities and that young people will have more opportunities to build their tomorrow and their presence in our homeland “, said from Rethymno the MEP and candidate for president of KINAL, Nikos Androulakis, who spoke tonight to executives, voters and friends of the party at the Conservatory of the city.

Mr. Androulakis asked the citizens to participate in the KINAL elections, noting that he is fighting for “Or a Greece where there will be respect for citizens’ rights, for labor rights, where the government will put the public interest above all else.” and not the political cost. ” He also spoke about the need for young people to be heard, and stressed: “The first step is to embrace the young people’s anxieties for more justice and more opportunities to build their future in our country. This is a programmatic effort that, if “There is no reason for the new generation, the young people, not to embrace the effort that we make and to regain, as when we were born, the new generation in the forefront.”

He also called on his fellow candidates for the presidency of the party, to participate together in a televised contest, which, as he said, will help the citizens to understand the positions and goals of the candidates, for KINAL and the country. “The purpose of our visits to the country is to make the people of the party – and not only – listen to the views of each of us and not to glorify anyone in hiding. This is why I call for debates, such as in 2017, which helped the citizens to listen to the candidates, and for 212,000 people, citizens, to go to the polls and vote. This and the debates must now take place with everyone together for life, because they will help this time too in the great participation “.

Speaking about the period of the pandemic and what the citizens are experiencing, Mr. Androulakis stressed that “we are living in tragic moments in the last days, with dozens of dead due to the pandemic. This is an example of what we can suffer when we do not make brave and bold decisions when necessary As the other European countries did, which had thousands of cases but very few deaths, this is not the case in our country and we have dozens of deaths every day because we did not make the right decisions at the right time, as the French and Portuguese did. We are living in tragic conditions and it is good to make immediate decisions that will help healthcare to endure, as it is not only those who suffer from covid disease, but it is and thousands of other seriously ill citizens who do not have the services they need to deal with their health “.

Mr. Androulakis, during today, was in Anogia, in Mylopotamos and met and exchanged views with citizens and residents of the areas he visited, while announcing his positions for the future of KINAL, as a candidate for the presidency. “In relation to the electoral process, my bet is to unite the party and grow it – and the Greek people to have a credible choice in the next parliamentary elections, so that they do not feel trapped between Mr. Mitsotakis’ elitism and populism and “Mr. Tsipras’s demagoguery. Because both of these attitudes and behaviors divide the people and do not solve the problems that our country has,” he said, among other things.

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