N. Androulakis: ND and SYRIZA seek ‘toxic bipartisanship’

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Nikos Androulakis gave his first television interview, one month after his election to the leadership of PASOK and the Movement for Change, on the television station ALPHA. Mr. Androulakis, when asked if he will cooperate with ND or SYRIZA, stressed that the goal of himself and his party is from the next elections to emerge a social democratic government that will give perspective to the country, for young people, with transparency, meritocracy and making the best use of the Community funds of the Recovery Fund. He also accused the government and the official opposition of pursuing “toxic bipartisanship” with their policies.

The president of PASOK-KINAL, referring to the incidents of violence in the universities, as happened with the attack on a professor of the University of Economics on Tuesday afternoon, stated that all forms of violence are condemnable and that the universities are places of free circulation of ideas. Specifically on the controversial issue of the establishment of the University Police, Nikos Androulakis stated that he is against and suggested that everything be done in most EU countries, where security companies that have been hired to guard the area, to carry out illegal acts. notify ELAS. At the same time, he strongly criticized the government for failing in what it announced.

Pandemic and minimum wage

Mr. Androulakis disagreed, both with ND and SYRIZA, about their attitude towards the pandemic. The government because with its manipulations it showed irresponsibility and complacency, and SYRIZA for populism. He himself suggested more points for rapid and molecular tests and reduction of the cost of PCR, saying that the price of 40 euros proposed by KINAL was indicative.

Regarding the compulsory vaccination for older women, the president of KINAL said “yes” but not with a fine. Instead, he proposed tightening the “covid pass”.

He also demanded an immediate “brave” increase in the minimum wage, with a possible clause applicable in cases only to the minimum wage.

Finally, Nikos Androulakis said that next week he will announce changes and placements of people who will be the new leadership of the Movement for Change, which will support his commitment to renewal and unity. “Both G. Papandreou and A. Loverdos and all the other co-candidates will have a role, combining experience with renewal and the ultimate goal of strengthening and expanding the party,” said Mr. Androulakis.

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Source From: Capital

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