N. Dendias: Switzerland is an example for countries that border the sea, but ignore the International Law of the Sea

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“Switzerland is a country that, although not in contact with the sea, has signed UNCLOS, the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. And this may be an example for other countries bordering the sea, but “They are ignorant of the International Law of the Sea,” said Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias after his meeting with his Swiss counterpart Ignacio Cassis in Bern.

Starting his statement to the press, Nikos Dendias said that he was very happy today to pay the first visit of a Greek Foreign Minister to Bern in about twenty years and stressed that the relationship with Switzerland is important. “Switzerland is a country that plays a special role in world affairs,” he said.

Focusing on the agenda of talks he had earlier with his Swiss counterpart, he said they discussed Switzerland-EU relations and challenges in the Western Balkans, the Eastern Mediterranean and Libya. At this point, Nikos Dendias wanted to point out that Switzerland will also participate in tomorrow’s Conference on Libya in Paris.

Further, the foreign ministers discussed the two countries’ co-operation in international organizations, such as Switzerland ‘s support for Greece’ s candidacy for the UN Security Council.

Finally, the Foreign Minister did not fail to mention the historical and timeless ties between the two states. “Switzerland, first of all, is connected by the great figure of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the man who conceived the modern Swiss Constitution. But beyond that, a number of things, such as the Olympic ideals, but also the commitment to peace and stability “he pointed out characteristically.



Source From: Capital

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