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N. Giannakopoulou: We will insist that answers be given regarding the monitoring of N. Androulakis

“PASOK, in matters of democracy and transparency, we are non-negotiable. There is no room for suspicion and there is no doubt. This is a red line for us,” said the parliamentary representative of PASOK-KINAL Nadia Giannakopoulou, speaking on the bill for the clean-up of the Elefsina Shipyards .

Referring to the establishment of the commission of inquiry to investigate the case of N. Androulakis, she emphasized that “it is very important that the opposition parties vote for our party’s request” accusing the government of “systematically trying to degrade and silence him subject, believing that this will deflate.” We, said Mrs. Giannakopoulou, “tell you clearly and stentorianly, that we will insist so that ample light is shed and answers are finally given – answers that have not been given for about a month, when this issue has been made public. Who and why, for what reason, for what national security reason, as you allegedly say, was monitoring the telecommunications of our president Nikos Androulakis and also who has procured and who is using the ‘predator’ system in our country. So far, what we have, he said the parliamentary representative of PASOK-KINAL, is “a fish of silence, of course from an otherwise lax and uncommunicative government” that “is trying to throw the ball on the platform, but the prime minister’s political responsibility is a given, it is irreducible and non-transferable” .

She observed that this case is unfolding in “intense social storms and disturbances, where citizens have to face basic problems of their daily lives with the wave of precision, with the energy crisis, with a winter which is expected, it is predicted to be particularly icy with the re-emergence of the covid pandemic”. As he stated, “we at PASOK are interested in and have as our first priority, accuracy, the energy crisis, price increases, the huge issues that are literally burning Greek households, along with the problems of democracy that no one can downplay”.

Source: Capital

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