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N. Iliopoulos: Hiding behind secrecy, abolishing Institutions and Transparency

N. Iliopoulos: Hiding behind secrecy, abolishing Institutions and Transparency

“The Mitsotakis government is guilty and must apologize. The cover-up will not continue,” said SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesman Nasos Iliopoulos.

In an interview he granted (Open), Mr. Iliopoulos stated that: “Yesterday, the Institutions and Transparency Committee was abolished. A series of political officials who were appointed and responsible for the EYP, claimed that they cannot say anything because they have confidentiality. So how will we know the truth, as the government says?”

He continued by noting: “There are two issues. The first is why Mr. Androulakis was monitored. The national security argument tells us nothing. We are not in times of “national pride”, when political opponents were suspicious of the national their minds and were being watched. Unless Mr. Mitsotakis considers that Nikos Androulakis is an agent of foreign interests,” and added: “At the moment Mr. Mitsotakis is claiming for himself the privilege of not being audited, but that does not exist in the Republic, Mr. Mitsotakis will be checked”.

He pointed out that “The second issue is who are the other political figures who are being monitored. When Kathimerini writes that seven others are being monitored and the government does not deny it, this means that they have simply found two “autoforakis” – the former commander of the EYP and the nephew of the prime minister – and anything else that arises will be blamed on them,” he underlined. “However, Mr. Demiris, the new commander of the EYP, reportedly said yesterday that the prime minister is being informed about all surveillance.”

He added that “The obligation of the EYP to inform ADAE must be reinstated here and now, so that ADAE can inform citizens about surveillance cases. This obligation was abolished by an amendment of the government, and in fact this was done after the complaint of journalist Thanasis Koukakis for his own surveillance—of a man investigating banking scandals.”

According to him, “it matters little if Mr. Karamanlis calls Mr. Mitsotakis a political fool – because that’s what he said. Mr. Mitsotakis is a political corpse, whose stench is suffocating society. And for that we must go to elections”.

“Kyriakos Mitsotakis told the Parliament that elections mean two to three months of instability, admitting that a vote for ND is a vote of instability. This is because he is now completely isolated. The only possible ally he has left is Mr. Velopoulos,” he noted Nasos Iliopoulos.

“For our part, we say that the country can have a progressive government from the first ballot with simple proportionality,” he concluded.

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