N. Iliopoulos: The Mitsotakis government is just watching the looting of society’s income from accuracy

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“Without any plan, the Mitsotaki government is just watching the looting of society’s income from precision. As in the pandemic, so on the precision front it is incapable of planning even in the depths of a week,” said the SYRIZA-P spokesman. Σ. Nassos Iliopoulos speaking on Real FM.

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“Adonis Georgiadis easily said that there is no accuracy a few days ago and that in the supermarkets they take … selfies with him – when the inflation of November recorded an increase in natural gas 180%. Based on the new data we expect increases of up to 20 % in basic consumer goods “”, stressed N. Iliopoulos, emphasizing that the immediate moves supported by SYRIZA-PS are the following: “Increase of the basic salary to 800 euros, because it is the only defense tool in the hands of workers to fight for accuracy. Reduce TFCs in oil and gas. To intervene immediately in the pricing policy of PPC. Immediate reduction of VAT on basic necessities and -the most critical- regulation and write-off of part of the private debt that was born in the pandemic “”.

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Commenting on the latest data on youth unemployment in Europe, based on which Greece records the worst result, the SYRIZA-PS representative pointed out that “youth unemployment has been a huge scourge for years.” “According to Eurostat, it jumped to 52.4% in 2014. Our government handed it over in 2019 to 35.2% and now it has climbed again to 39.1%. It is clear that for young people the ND program is summed up in the words unemployment “And insecurity, that is, the dissolution of labor relations, without eight hours, without collective agreements, and worst of all? ND pushes young people to flee abroad,” he said.

Regarding the pandemic, the spokesperson of SYRIZA-PS. “The complacency is dangerous. The WHO predicts that the next two months will be difficult months. The ease of government officials to say that we are in the last month causes us great concern and reminds us of the talk about … “last mile”. A last mile that left behind 15,952 losses “.

“Eventually the government is accelerating the pandemic and treating society as a herd,” said Nassos Iliopoulos, accusing it of “continuing the same failed strategy that led us to the health tragedy.”

“It is inconceivable that with more than 25 thousand cases in schools, parents do not have special purpose permits. The measure of teleworking in the public and private sector should not be applied much more bravely. “The normal operation of a pediatric hospital in the midst of an increase in hospitalizations. It is impossible for the private sector not to get involved in the battle. The alleged 300 beds announced by Mr. Plevris are only for non-serious cases”, he stressed.

Regarding the schools, he specifically said that “they must operate safely, because it is not a parking lot for children”. “The government continues with the criminal protocol of 50% + 1 when in Europe the departments close with 1 or 2 cases. Even in the middle of a pandemic we are the only country in the EU with more students. These are basic exceptions of Greece in relation to the European rule “, he added.

Finally, regarding the price of PCR tests, Nasos Iliopoulos stressed that “a parents’ association and a municipality provided PCR with 28 and 25 euros respectively and the government celebrates for PCR at 47 euros”. “Either a parent association is better managed by the government or the government is simply securing the interests of large diagnostic centers and clinics. There is no good scenario,” he concluded.



Source From: Capital

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