N. Iliopoulos: The only one who shakes the truth is Mr. Mitsotakis

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“Today in the cabinet, the prime minister repeated the outrageous theory that the investigation of the wiretapping scandal serves other forces,” says Nasos Iliopoulos in a statement, commenting that “this is a sign of panic and a dangerous descent on the paths of conspiracy and its discovery” internal enemy””.

The press representative of SYRIZA PS notes that “what serves national stability and security is the investigation of this unprecedented case”. “Our democracy has nothing to fear from the truth. The only one who shakes it is Mr. Mitsotakis. And he proves this every day,” adds Mr. Iliopoulos and finally emphasizes: “Let him have no doubts. His provocation will fall into the void. The truth will shine, the Mitsotakis regime will be defeated.”

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Source: Capital

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