N. Mitarakis: The vast majority of islanders support the creation of closed controlled structures

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“Message of determination and intention for an honest dialogue with all the citizens of Chios on Immigration and the problems facing the remote island” by the Minister of Immigration and Asylum today in the context of an open discussion at the Homeric Spiritual Center of Chios.

“The vast majority of islanders support the government and the creation of closed controlled structures, because that is how the islands and the rest of the country are protected. We will continue the strict but fair immigration policy,” Mr. Mitarakis underlined. He then spoke about three clear and measurable goals, for the renewal of confidence in the government of ND and Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

First, the decongestion of Chios from the effects of the immigration crisis, for which he argued that it has already been done to a great extent.

Secondly, the maintenance of the island VAT, for which he reminded that according to the law of the SYRIZA government it would have been abolished from 01.01.2022, but the Mitsotakis government managed to make it permanent and from 2025 to disconnect it from the Immigration, protecting purchasing power of the inhabitants of the five islands of the North Aegean.

Thirdly, the completion of major projects, such as the Airport (corridor, building), the Customs – Schengen Gate, the new Courthouse, the Koris Bridge, etc., which while they had ‘swamped’ for decades, have now entered, from it the government, on the path to completion.

Referring to the ongoing closed controlled structure and the closure of VIAL, the Minister of Immigration and Asylum argued that “the anarchist was VIAL and not the closed, controlled structures”, while reminding that the reality is that all the elected representatives of Chios had agreed in the optimal solution, with PROKEKA and a single structure, already from 2017 “.

He also reminded the citizens of Chios that he and Michailidis, Karmantzis, Vournous proposed in a joint statement from July 1, 2017 “the creation of a single guarded structure for all immigrants and refugees in ’18’ in which it will be created PROKEKA “, while it was still foreseen” in the new structure that should be completely designed, the existing structures of Souda VIAL etc will be gradually transferred “.

Mr. Mitarakis also referred to an earlier statement by the governor of the North Aegean, Costas Mountzouris (23.11.2019), in which he claimed that “with the closed structures of immigrants, the cities of the islands will breathe. With the closed structures, the flows will be reduced”.

Specifically for the closed controlled structure in Chios, the Minister of Immigration and Asylum stressed that due to reduced needs it will have fewer seats than originally planned, while he stressed that Greece has raised the issue of creating a permanent decongestion mechanism of the islands, when it reaches 50%. with the aim of decongesting, which must include substantial relocations under European Solidarity, to other Member States, in addition to the decongestion already inland.

“The closed controlled structures are not for coming but for not coming. It is not for there to be permanent residents on the islands, but to win the battle against the instrumentalization circuits of the immigrant. That is, to protect our homeland,” he continued. Mitarakis and clarified that, as noted in 2017 from Chios by the current Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Greece is not going to return to the policy of open borders with the effects it has created on the ideological choice of open centers.

“Let everyone think and take their responsibilities. The government will complete its planning, because it protects both the islands and the country. We will continue the strict but fair immigration policy. We will emphasize the development of Chios, completing its projects. “We will prevent immigration from affecting us again. The Chians trust the results of our policy. The Chians trust Kyriakos Mitsotakis. We move forward and we continue, we move forward together!” concluded the Minister of Immigration and Asylum, Chios MP Notis Mitarakis.

During the speech of Mr. Mitarakis, Chians held a motorcade in which they protested against the prospect of creating the new Closed Controlled Structure.



Source From: Capital

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