N. Papathanasis: There is no question of extending the obligation of vaccinations

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The Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Nikos Papathanasis, speaking to ANT1, commented on the new measures to stop the pandemic that have been in force since Saturday and reminded that in the previous 3 waves of the pandemic the Government supported with 42 billion euros employees and companies.

As Mr. Papathanasis then said, at the moment we are in the 4th wave of the pandemic which could have been avoided if everyone had been vaccinated and for this “we had to take measures but maintaining a relative normality and everyone should respect them because no new lockdown can be performed “.

He added that the announcement of the measures already brought an increase in vaccination appointments. Asked about the exceptions that exist, he said that in MMM it is not possible to have a rapid test check, but every possible effort has been made and the itineraries have been increased.

For the super markets, he stressed that the same measures cannot be applied and those who are not vaccinated can be excluded from the food market, while for the Church he said that all the answers have been given and the Holy Synod issued a circular calling on the faithful to be vaccinated and observe the measures. .

Asked about this, he stressed that at the moment the Government is not considering the measure of extending the obligation of vaccinations to other categories of workers besides the sanitary ones.

Finally, regarding the new Development Law, he said that he comes to support entrepreneurship, especially in the Region.


Source From: Capital

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