N. Papathanasis: With the abolition of the clause there will be reductions in electricity tariffs from 60-80%

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The adjustment clause is suspended from July 1, said Deputy Minister of Development and Investment Nikos Papathanasis speaking to ERT1 today, pointing out that with the abolition of the clause there will be reductions in electricity tariffs of 60-80%, but also will reach 90%.

As Mr. Papathanasis said, the measure of the adjustment clause started during SYRIZA and does not concern only Greece, but it is a global phenomenon. In Europe they pay much more for electricity than in our country, he said and added that “with the 4 billion support measures taken at the beginning of the pandemic to be precise and then 3.2 billion meters, we give exactly where “We have to give as a government to support the vulnerable households, the middle class, but keeping a good fiscal picture.”

Regarding the price increases in the products, the minister stressed that “accuracy is a big problem and no one can cover such a big wave, especially when the transport costs are high and all the others that aggravate the problem. That is why So with the support measures we cover a percentage of the accuracy with the increase of the minimum wage and the support of the households, such as the reduction of ENFIA, and the reduction of the tariffs. about 43 billion plus 7 billion (4 billion when the pandemic started and another 3 billion now) we are approaching 50 billion to support society. ”

Regarding the profiteering phenomena, Mr. Papathanasis stated that continuous controls are carried out in the market even in the island areas and so far 3 million fines have been imposed, while he noted that ladders are located on the islands and carry out continuous inspections and have already imposed fines at gas stations. .

Mr. Papathanasis also referred to the business loans from the Recovery Fund, where the platform for submitting an application was opened, clarifying that it concerns all entrepreneurs and those who want to create a new business.

The programs of the NSRF will be implemented at the beginning of autumn

Regarding the development law, Mr. Papathanasis stressed that they are ready and waiting within June for the approval of the NSRF by the European institutions, where specific areas will be financed, such as Western Macedonia, Megalopolis, Tripoli, Crete, the islands in North and South Aegean, but also in remote areas of the country. With the finalization of the NSRF, at the end of the summer, beginning of autumn, its programs will be implemented.

Regarding the de-ligation, the minister said that a big plan has been prepared by the government and will enter our country, 7 billion euros, with investments from public and private resources in western Macedonia, the Peloponnese region, the North and South Aegean and the Crete.

Source: Capital

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