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Naiara Azevedo tells the police that she has been threatened for four months and fears for her life

During a statement to the Goiás civil police, singer Naiara Azevedo reported episodes of threats and aggression suffered by her ex-husband and revealed that she does not have access to the material assets gained during her career. A CNN had access to the content of the artist’s speech to the authorities.

The country woman filed a complaint with the State Police Station for Specialized Assistance to Women (Deaem) in the early hours of this Thursday (30). The singer requested urgent protective measures against her ex-husband Raphael Alves Cabral and his brother.

To the police, the singer told that she has been threatened by her “ex” for around four months, since July 2023, when an episode of physical violence occurred. At the time, Raphael said he would end the artist’s career and life.

She also said that her ex-husband often called her “crazy”. Problems in the relationship would have led the two to undergo psychiatric treatment.

The trip to the police station was motivated by a disagreement with Raphael and his brother this Wednesday (29). The fight started, according to her, because the brothers prevented the singer from transporting some stage equipment to the location of her next show that would be jointly owned by the artist and her ex-husband’s family.

The objects would have been locked in a warehouse to which she did not have access.

Naiara Azevedo was in a relationship with Raphael Cabral for almost ten years, five of them married. The former couple divorced in mid-2021. Since then, the artist has been trying to separate her assets from her ex-husband, however, the sharing of assets has not yet taken place.

A CNN contacted Raphael and his brother, denounced by the artist, and was informed that the businessmen were not summoned and have no knowledge of the facts. The defense must take a position after investigating the content of Naiara’s report.

Financial abuse

Naiara claims that she discovered that several of her assets, such as houses, farms and luxury vehicles, which would have been purchased with the singer’s money, are not registered in her name, but in the name of her ex-husband and family.

The countrywoman says that she was pressured by Raphael to sign a power of attorney that gave her ex-mother-in-law, now deceased, power over all her assets.

In a statement to the Civil Police of Goiás, Naiara Azevedo reported that she is afraid of being killed, because her ex-husband took out a very high value life insurance policy for her, in which Raphael would be the beneficiary.

Naiara also fears that her clothes and personal objects will be stolen, as her ex-husband and ex-brother-in-law would have access to the house where all the equipment used in the shows are stored, as well as furniture and electronics.

The singer’s lawyer asked Raphael’s lawyer for his client to provide an account of the finances relating to the shows that would take place this weekend, but has not yet heard back.

Still according to the artist’s version, for a few days now, Naiara Azevedo’s lawyer has been asking Raphael to provide accounts and information about values ​​and bank accounts, as Naiara does not have access to this information.

Society of the former couple

The singer and the businessman remained partners in equipment used by the singer in shows, even after the separation.

The day before the complaint, the trailer used in the shows was being prepared, when Naiara learned that her ex-brother-in-law, Fernando Alves Cabral, ordered that the entire backline, lighting equipment, LED equipment, fireworks be removed from the vehicle. of fireworks and CO2 that would be used in a presentation.

To the civil police, Naiara clarifies that all these tools belong to her and some partners, including her ex-husband and her ex-brother-in-law.

Fernando would have locked the equipment in a warehouse, preventing them from being used at the singer’s show this weekend. The ex-brother-in-law reportedly told Naiara that the artist would have to rent the objects if she wanted to use them, even though she was also the owner.

Source: CNN Brasil

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