The unknown person responsible for the theft of crypto assets on the KyberSwap platform announced the conditions for the return of funds on November 30.

The hacker’s demands include the transfer of all executive control over the management company Kyber. Namely: full powers and ownership of the KyberDAO management mechanism, re-registration of legal documents, as well as access to bank accounts and securities.

The hacker’s message states that Kyber must comply with the requirements no later than December 10. Otherwise, the refund transaction will not take place.

The hacking of the KyberSwap Elastic platform became known on November 23. The hack occurred using the “infinite funds bug” in a complex smart contract exploit on networks implementing KyberSwap pools, including Avalanche, Polygon, Ethereum and the second layer networks Arbitrum, Optimism and Base. On November 29, the hacker contacted the project team and announced their readiness for negotiations “if they show sufficient agreement.”