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Naiara Azevedo: Understand what property violence is

Naiara Azevedo reported, on Sunday (3), that she suffered property violence at the hands of her ex-husband Raphael Cabral. According to the singer, this would have been the trigger for her to ask for a separation. According to the Maria da Penha Law, the term falls under domestic violence.

Property violence is specifically foreseen and defined in item IV of Article 7 of the Maria da Penha Law. The case can be understood as: “any conduct that constitutes retention, subtraction, partial or total destruction of your objects, work instruments, personal documents, assets, values ​​and rights or economic resources, including those intended to satisfy your needs.”

Naiara Azevedo stated, in an interview with the program “Fantástico”, that Raphael Cabral controlled the flow of money that entered the couple’s home and her career. In addition to being her husband, he was also the singer’s manager. Naiara would not have had access to millionaire revenues from what she produced.

According to Beatriz Vendramini Rausse, a lawyer specializing in Women and Minorities Law, “property violence is characterized by the impossibility of managing money, or accessing goods or assets, such as controlling the use of credit cards or money by the partner, the control of the woman’s salary who, despite working, can, at the request of her partner, leave her entire salary in a joint account that she does not have access to and even limit the use of money”.

“This violence can take different forms and happen in a more serious and intense way or in a more surreptitious way, which makes it almost imperceptible that this practice is taking place, with the woman only becoming aware of it much later”, adds Beatriz.

According to the expert, property violence can also be accompanied by other forms of violence provided for in the Maria da Penha Law, such as physical, psychological, sexual and moral.

Protective measures against property violence

In relation specifically to property violence, Article 24 of the Maria da Penha Law provides that the judge may order the aggressor to return the assets he took from the victim unduly, as well as preventing the aggressor from selling or disposing of the assets in common with the victim, aiming to avoid an unauthorized disposal of assets.

“Furthermore, if the victim has given powers of attorney to the aggressor to represent them in any matter, mainly of a financial nature, the judge may suspend the effectiveness of said power of attorney and may also make the aggressor deposit in court an amount relating to losses and damages. materials that the victim has suffered due to domestic and family violence suffered”, says the lawyer.

Finally, Beatriz warns: “It is important for women to be alert to signs of manipulation that can come through speeches such as ‘you don’t need to work, let me take care of everything for you’ or ‘focus on your work and let me I manage your money so you have one less thing to worry about’. It is important that women have an active voice in managing both their own money and the couple’s or family’s common money, being attentive to the patrimonial decisions made”.

Raphael Cabral denied the singer’s accusations of property violence, according to a report by Fantástico. “I didn’t understand the complaint, I didn’t understand the narrative. I was completely caught off guard by all of this,” he said.

CNN contacted Raphael Cabral through his lawyer, as soon as there is a response, the article will be updated.

Source: CNN Brasil

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