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NASA will send a 3D printer to the ISS to print a knee meniscus

In modern medicine, the direction of bioprinted human organs is actively developing – in the future, this will literally print on special 3D printers the necessary organs for transplantation, various operations, and more. Scientists from all over the world consider the direction vital for future medical procedures, doing everything possible to advance the field as far as possible. And in order to simplify the task for specialists in studying this direction, NASA, together with the University of Unified Services of the Center for Biotechnology of Medical Sciences, decided to print a part of the human body right in space.

To do this, NASA employees will send a special latest Redwire BioFabrication Facility 3D printer to the International Space Station, which will have to print a full-fledged human meniscus in Earth orbit under the strict guidance of relevant specialists within the ISS. So far, this is a rather low level of the bioprinting industry, but scientists hope to send it to the planet after the completion of the production of the meniscus in order to study the result on Earth and obtain the necessary data. If the trials of the project are successful, then in the future it could completely revolutionize the field of medicine, which is aimed at treating a fairly common meniscus injury around the world.

And, of course, the project is not limited to this task – in the future, scientists plan to move to a more complex level of bioprinting in order to print full-fledged organs on a special printer. Of course, this is an extremely long-term goal and no one plans to do this next year, as the task is insanely difficult. But, on the other hand, there is development in this direction and it is very noticeable. Experts believe that in the distant future, such technologies will allow humanity to freely travel between solar systems, colonize planets and entire galaxies, since “obsolete” organs can simply be printed on a ship.

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