Natalya Buterina: “Knowledge, perseverance and patience are the keys to success for a crypto investor”

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Co-founder of the educational portal CryptoChicks, mother of Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin told CoinDesk about the qualities that will help you succeed in the crypto industry.

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Natalya Amelina (Buterina) co-founded CryptoChicks, a non-profit organization that develops educational programs on blockchain and cryptocurrencies that are designed to “empower women in Web3 around the world.” Educational programs range from coding workshops for women to youth hackathons.

Amelina joined the development of the Metis DAO startup, a second layer protocol based on Ethereum. The functionality of the Metis network is to deploy smart contracts with minimal gas cost and high transaction speed, as well as provide a decentralized and secure infrastructure.

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Natalya Amelina evaluates the results and business qualities of Vitaly’s son as follows:

“I believe that he owes his success to determination and patience. Spending all your time on this is not easy. You really must love what you do. I think Vitalik really likes what he does. Because he is passionate and works tirelessly.”

Reflecting on the qualities inherent in successful crypto-investors, Natalia Amelina identified several, in her opinion, paramount. People should not be afraid to try and get new experiences, because what good is it to sit in one place in the office for 40 years:

“If you are serious about investing in crypto assets, then you need to constantly study the chosen direction. One of the common mistakes many people make is that once they make a bad investment and come out with a loss, they don’t want to go back because they got burned and it hurts. But you can’t give up everything based on negative experience.”

In June, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin spoke out against the Stock-to-Flow model for calculating the movement of the Bitcoin price, arguing that it is wrong and only gives people false hopes.

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