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NATO: Russia does not have the strength to advance on Kharkiv

Russia's military lacks the numbers to make strategic progress in the region around Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine. In modest statements by the Supreme Allied Commander Europe Christopher Cavoli, after the conclusion of a meeting in Brussels, he stated that he is confident that the Ukrainian forces will hold their lines in the region. NATO: Missions to intercept Russian aircraft increased by at least 20% in the first quarter of the year NATO fighter missions to intercept Russian aircraft approaching the airspace of allied countries in the Baltic region increased by 20-25% in the first quarter of 2024 , a NATO source said today, attributing the increased Russian activity to an increase in the Alliance's military exercises. However, he did not mention a specific number of interceptions. In the previous year, NATO said allied jets had taken off at least 300 times to identify and intercept Russian aircraft, mostly over the Baltic. Subsequently, it was observed […]
Source: News Beast

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