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The profile of the perpetrator of the attempted murder of Fitzo: “Angry poet” and “good neighbor”

A “good neighbor”, amateur writer, angry citizen: the pensioner accused of wanting to kill Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fičo has many faces, but none of them seem to really fit his extreme act. Passing by a row of apartment buildings in Levice, a town in central Slovakia, passers-by take a quick glance towards the seventh floor. The alleged perpetrator, whose identity was not released by the authorities, has lived for 40 years in one of the apartments facing the boulevard, according to a neighbor. The 71-year-old is accused of shooting the prime minister in cold blood and “must have gone mad,” Ludovit Miele said, referring to the “nice, helpful” neighbor he has known since 1983. They last spoke on Monday. “We all have political opinions, but he has never expressed them forcefully,” Mile assured, admitting that he disagreed with “certain measures taken by the government” of Fitzo. “In every […]
Source: News Beast

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