Nazi swastikas are graffitied on the USP Student Directory

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Eight swastikas were found this Tuesday (29) on walls of the Central Directory of Students (DCE) of the University of São Paulo (USP), on the Butantã campus, west of São Paulo. The Nazi symbols were drawn in the space where the freshmen, students entering the first school year, write their names.

The place where the swastikas were located is a space for student interaction. Although it was not the first Nazi attack on the university, this was the first on the DCE, according to the president of the Directory, Beatriz Calderon.

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“It was a very serious attack and aimed at us. We understand that this type of attack is very serious. The complaint came to us on Monday night,” said Beatriz.

Still according to the student, the same happened on Tuesday at the Faculty of Law of USP. There are also similar cases at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME) and at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences (FFLCH).

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According to Beatriz, the DCE intends to organize an anti-fascist campaign within USP.

“This type of attack is unacceptable, universities are and will remain anti-fascist territory. Campaigns to combat Nazi-fascist ideas in universities are urgent, ”he declared.

When contacted, the Civil Police reported that the occurrence had not been registered, but representatives of the Central Directorate intend to go to a police station to file a complaint this Wednesday (30).

In note to CNNUSP said that it “does not admit any form of apology for Nazism and racial prejudice on its premises”.

“The experience center is a space managed by the students, where activities promoted by the Central Directory of Students (DCE) are carried out, which, like the entire USP, is a victim of this unspeakable aggression”, said the institution in a note.

“Yesterday, 11/29, around 6 pm, the University Guard was on site, identified the swastikas and asked those responsible for the DCE that the graffiti be erased immediately. The University investigates, together with the DCE, the identification of the author or authors of the graffiti”, added the university.

The USP DCE is the student body that represents students from the campuses of the capital and countryside.

*trainee under the guidance of Bárbara Brambila.

Source: CNN Brasil

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