NBA: The Milwaukee Bucks won with Antetokounbros

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The Milwaukee Bucks they improved their record to 3-1 as they won 119-109 Indiana Pacers in the «Gainsbirdge Fieldhouse». His champions NBA they had him on a great day Giannis Antetokounbo, while the key was also the Thanasis Antetokounbo. In fact, one of the best phases of the match came from their cooperation.

THE «Greek Freak» touched the triple-double. In 36 minutes he scored 30 points, collected ten rebounds and had nine assists, along with two blocks and one steal.. With his team not being accurate from the periphery, he made the difference in the racket, having 10-18 shots, 16 of them two points. With Indiana Pacers could not stop him at γραφ painted, they were forced to send him to the line of fire and the John Antetokounmpo made them pay it with 10-13 accurate. Worthy supporter of o Chris Middleton who scored 27 points.

The Milwaukee Bucks they… walked in the first three periods taking a 15 point difference before entering the fourth 12 minutes. There they lifted their foot from the accelerator, but at no point did they worry and did not lose control of the match, despite the counterattack of their fighting opponents, who, however, did not perform as expected in the first steps of the regular season. NBA (record 1-3).

THE Thanasis was key because of their many and important absences “Deer”. They did not have their main center Brooke Lopez, while the main point guard did not play, Jro Holliday and the valuable forward, Bobby Portis. In 19 minutes he had eight points, three rebounds and two steals, while he generally played a very good defense. THE George Kalaitzakis played for a few seconds before the end of the match.

The Milwaukee Bucks return to action in the early hours of Thursday (28/10) and welcome them Minnesota Timberwolves in the «Fiserv Forum».

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