ND-N Dendias Congress: Government speaks clearly and sharply in Ankara in front of the Turks

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“We will continue to respond to any delinquency on the ground, to any letter, to any announcement, to any rhetoric,” he said. “Greece has nothing to do with Russia destroying.”

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Loud messages to the neighbor, responses to Russia’s reports on our country’s stance on Ukraine, but also remarks that the government of the New Democracy made Greece confident, contained the speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, at the 14th Congress of the New Democracy.

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“For the first time since 1947, Greece not only strengthens its alliances, but expands its national space, defends its sovereign rights and national interests and speaks clearly and sharply to everyone… To know what we are saying. It speaks clearly and The Mitsotakis government is not in the backrooms or in the salons of Athens, not in the TV panels. The Mitsotakis government is speaking clearly and sharply in Ankara in front of the Turks. It is speaking clearly and sharply. Respond boldly and resolutely to any challenge, to any kind of challenge… International law and the law of the sea are a solid foundation.Our country stands firm against any attempt to violate international law.Our homeland is against any aggression “It’s against the anachronistic provocation. Our country is against any revisionism, whether new Ottoman or any other,” he said. . Δένδιας.

“We use diplomatic means and with these means we build restraint… We build partnerships and alliances in all geographical areas of the planet Ελλάδα Greece guarantees the European perspective of the Western Balkans and becomes an energy hub in Southeast Europe. Greece is consistent, reliable in the world “He is fighting for a just and lasting solution to the Cyprus problem. A solution, however, based on the decisions of the United Nations Security Council,” the foreign minister said.

Focusing on the Ukrainian, Mr. Dendias pointed out that in this crisis our country made the right choice. “We immediately and unequivocally condemned the Russian invasion. We have supported and continue to support the territorial integrity of Ukraine, as we have supported and continue to support the territorial integrity of all countries. We respect and honor Russia’s culture. But not Russia, which violates Russia, which is undermining security and stability in Europe, not Russia, which is trying to impose its position by force, not Russia, which is violating borders, not Russia, which is destroying, and Greece has nothing to do with this Russia. “Greece has to do with the other Russia”, he stressed, responding in this way to Ms. Zakharova’s reports.

“There is no room for neutrality here, no way in the middle. The only way is to respect international law. The only way is to respect the territorial integrity of states. It is international legitimacy. Greece stood there and will stand there… We want friendly relations with all states.But do not misinterpret.We will continue to respond to every delinquency on the ground, to every letter, to every announcement, to every rhetoric.Because we accept neither accomplishments nor threats… Some in our neighborhood have a strange tactic. “First they are illegal and then I am negotiating the illegality. Let them forget it. These belong elsewhere. The Mitsotaki government does not enter into this logic”, he added.

Source: Capital

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