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Russia: At least five people have been killed in fires in 200 buildings in Siberia

Fires have broken out in Krasnoyarsk in the east Siberianwhere about 200 buildings have been destroyed and at least five people have already been killed, it was announced today by the local authorities, who declared a state of emergency in the affected areas.

“The fire is spreading to more than 16 residential areas, about 200 buildings, many timber factories, a kindergarten are burning, there are already dead”the Ministry of Emergency Situations of this area reported in the Telegram.

At present, five deaths have been counted.

Describing the situation as “difficult”, the authorities declared the area a state of emergency.

According to the authorities, about 300 firefighters and more than 90 vehicles are involved in the operations extinguishing of fires.

“The operation of the fire brigade is complicated by the meteorological conditions, stormy winds accelerate the spread of fires and prevent extinguishing”added the local ministry.

Source: News Beast

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