Neca Setubal: Thinking about homeschooling in Brazil is worrying

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CNN specialist in social inclusion, Neca Setubal, spoke this Thursday (19) about the approval of the basic text in the Chamber of Deputies for home education in Brazil, one of the main agendas of supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). A survey released by Datafolha this week, however, points out that eight out of ten Brazilians reject the sport.

For the specialist, the adoption of the model is “worrying” as it is restricted to looking only at the school curriculum, ignoring other aspects relevant to children’s education.

“Education is much more than the curriculum. The school is the first public space that children have access to. It is the place of coexistence, of socialization, of exchange, of games. School is also the space where children can respect differences. They have to live with children of different religions, races, ideologies. This is very important at a time when we are experiencing so much intolerance towards differences,” she said.

Setubal also defended the school as a space for young people to work in groups, considering the activity as “fundamental” in the 21st century, in making children learn to listen, speak, expose ideas and work together.

Still according to CNN Specialist the socioeconomic conditions on the part of the Brazilians put the project’s safety in check.

“I find it very difficult that in Brazil, a country with such different conditions, such great inequalities, we can be sure that these children who will not be in school will have quality learning ensured by their parents”, he concluded.

See more in the video above.

Source: CNN Brasil

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