Senator Menendez: Concern over Turkey’s credibility as an ally – Remember about F-16s

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Turkey’s objections to the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO have, among other things, caused dissatisfaction in the US Federal Congress.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Robert Menendez, known for his critical statements to Ankara (including the Greek-Turkish ones), made a highly critical statement to the country of Tayyip Erdogan, stressing that on the issue of NATO enlargement raises concerns about Turkey’s credibility as a US ally.

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Ankara’s stance follows, according to Mr. Menendez, following the purchase of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile system, as well as Turkey’s refusal to join the sanctions against Moscow for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Democratic senator, from whom US President Joe Biden also comes, noted that the new controversial move by Turkey comes as it tries to persuade Washington to sell it dozens of new F-16 fighter jets, a move to which requires the approval not only of the Biden government but also of Congress.

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“I hope the government pays the necessary attention to Turkey’s stance, while at the same time considering the request for the F-16,” he said. “You have to tell Erdogan that he has to start behaving differently if he wants to understand anything.”

Biden: I am not going to Turkey

Asked by White House-accredited reporters if he could persuade Erdogan to drop his objections to NATO enlargement, Biden, according to the Washington Post, replied:

“I am not going to go to Turkey,” he said. “But I think everything will go well.”

Source: Capital

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