Nepal Air Tragedy: Why Did the Yeti Plane Crash – Mechanical Failure or Pilot Error?

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His authorities’ investigations continue unabated Nepalin order to retrieve her last victim of the Yeti Airlines plane crash, which took place on Sunday (15/1). Crews with the help of UAVs and ropes continue the macabre quest in the wreckage of the twin-engine turboprop ATR 72, which was flying from Kathmandu to Pokhara when the tragedy occurred. They were on the plane 72 people, between them six children and 15 foreigners, as well as 4 crew members.

However, the causes of the tragedy are still unclear. Various videos posted on social media in recent days show the aircraft to take steep slope to the left as it approaches the airport for landing. A moment later a powerful explosion follows. THE civil aviation in Nepal, which mainly serves isolated areas and transports hikers and climbers, has grown rapidly in recent years. But poor aircraft maintenance and lax enforcement of safety regulations, despite strict international recommendations, burden the company. It is worth noting that the European Union has forbidden access to its airspace on all airlines of Nepal.

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Regarding whether the drop is due to error of the pilot or in mechanical failure, the expert replies that it is most likely one combination of the two. There could be engine failure, but the course and pitch of the aircraft is easily corrected by the pilot. It is his natural reaction to “lower his muzzle aircraft downwards, so that it recovers speed”, emphasized the expert.

On Monday, so-called were also recovered black boxes – the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder – to help them researchers to determine the causes of the accident. As the Asian country does not have the infrastructure required to “download” the data from the black boxes, they will be sent wherever the aircraft manufacturer recommends.

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Source: News Beast

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