Oscar-nominated, “Babylon” shows the rise and fall of artists in Hollywood

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With a great cast and nominated for an Oscar, “Babylon” in Damien Chazelle (“Whiplash” and “La La Land”), hits Brazilian theaters this Thursday (19).

The production has already won two awards this season: Best Original Soundtrack, at the Golden Globes, and Best Production Design, at the Critics Choice Awards.

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Set in Los Angeles during the transition from silent films to talkies, the feature film depicts stories of ambitions and unbridled excesses of movie stars in a young Hollywood.

The production follows three main arcs: the aging heartthrob, the emergence of a sexy icon and the conquest of a space in the film industry by a foreigner.

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The three characters find themselves in early Hollywood, at a time of extreme depravity, debauchery and excess.

Brad Pitt is the first to appear on the scene, giving life to actor Jack Conrad, the main name in cinema at the moment, with great influence in the industry.

With the advancement of technology and the arrival of audio in productions, the heartthrob starts to face problems, being left aside by longtime friends and quoted only for roles of little expression.

The character is inspired by actors of the time, such as John Gilbert and Douglas Fairbanks.

Margot Robbie gives life to an actress on the rise, Nellie LaRoy, who is cast in a film by chance, and, suddenly, gains atmospheric fame, amending one film after another.

Because of her excesses – including drugs, she finds it difficult to adapt to the industry and has an unstable career.

The trajectory and excellence of Nellie LaRoy is inspired by the actress Clara Bow .

In a video released by Paramount Pictures, Robbie said that the reference helped in understanding the character.

“Clara’s parents never gave her a birth certificate because they had already lost two children and they didn’t believe she would live to infancy. I imagine she felt like every day she lived in this world was borrowed time, so she lived every day to the fullest,” commented the actress.

Diego Calva plays a young Mexican who dreams of working on a film set and is responsible for connecting all the stories in the narrative.

In the first scene, Manny Torres is a “handyman” of a powerful industry and, like Nellie, with whom he exchanges dreams and aspirations at a party, ends up in the production of a film with Jack’s help.

Amidst the ups and downs of Nellie’s career, he gains more and more space in the industry and uses this to help his friend, for whom he has great affection.

To complete the strong cast, Tobey Maguire (“Spider-Man”) makes a quick appearance in the film.

Among other narratives quickly presented in the film are: the first black to succeed in musicals, an intertitle writer who loses her place in the industry with technological advances and a journalist who covers the backstage of Hollywood.

“Babylon” it shows a side of Hollywood beyond glamor and fame: it exposes the reality of a life that is extremely desired and observed, but very ephemeral.

The excesses of the time seem to have inspired the excesses of Damien Chazelle, who made a film of more than three hours in length, exhibitionist and performative, mainly in the scenes of parties and orgies.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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