Nepal Parliament Dissolved Amidst Power Struggle

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Nepal Parliament was dissolved on Sunday at the request of the Nepalese Prime Minister. The Prime Minister K.P Sharma Oli and his cabinet announced on Sunday that general elections will now be held more than a year before schedule, in April and May.

Political Turmoil

Nepal is now faced with political turmoil while already being in an economic one. The ruling party in Nepal is the NCP – Nepal Communist Party, that is now faced with the formation of factions within the party.

In 2017, two communist parties had joined hands to form the NCP and had resultantly won the elections that followed. The agreement on the basis of which the two parties had come together was that of power sharing. Leaders of the parties, namely K.P Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal were to serve as President for 2 and a half years each, completing 5 years in government.

However, near the end of the completion of his time period of ruling, Oli seems to have had a change of heart. The NCP is once again divided into two factions, seemingly near splitting into different parties once again.

The Reaction

A total of seven ministers decided to step down from their seats, given that Oli has gone against the popular mandate adopted back in 2017. The step to dissolve the parliament is being called a constitutional coup’  by those who oppose the PM.

Politicians and citizens alike have labelled the dissolution of the parliament as a bad move, given the fact that the small state is already faced with economic difficulties owing to the Covid pandemic.

Oli’s promises of a unified government that would put Nepal on to the path of success seem to be fading out. After the election win in 2017, the now Prime Minister had promised to bring political stability and growth to the country.




Source The Washington Post

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