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Netanyahu asks political rival not to abandon emergency coalition

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has appealed to key war cabinet member Benny Gantz to remain in Israel’s emergency government, saying this is a time of unity, not division.

“We must remain united within ourselves in the face of the great tasks that lie ahead. I appeal to Benny Gantz – don’t leave the emergency government. Don’t give up on unity,” Netanyahu wrote in a Telegram post.

Gantz said last month that he and his National Unity party would withdraw from Israel’s wartime government by June 8 if Netanyahu did not come up with a plan to bring back the remaining hostages in Gaza and present a strategy for dealing with the enclave in Gaza. end of the war.

Gantz, who is seen as Netanyahu’s main political rival, postponed a press conference on Saturday at which he was expected to announce his withdrawal following news that Israel had rescued four hostages.

He later released a statement that did not say he would leave the coalition. And while his comments celebrated the rescue, they also highlighted Israel’s remaining challenges, including the release of the other hostages still held in Gaza.

“So I say to the Prime Minister and the entire leadership: even today we must look responsibly at what is right and how we can move forward from here,” Gantz wrote.

Source: CNN Brasil

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