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“Netanyahu will continue, he will not stop – The situation remains critical” in the Middle East

The world is anxiously watching the developments in the Middle East, after the attack by Iran and Israel's response. “The situation remains critical and I believe that Israel's goal is to eliminate the threats it has around it, something that will be seen in the next period after the Jewish Passover”, Air Chief Konstantinos Iatridis emphasized to ERT and the broadcast “Connections”. Mr. Iatridis pointed out that “it seems that Mr. Netanyahu will not stop, because the initial goal was to eliminate Hamas and it has not been eliminated. Hamas may be weakened by 70%, but 30% of them are in the crowd in Rafah, there are 1.5 million Palestinians in underground tunnels, so if they start bombing there, you understand how many more dead civilians we will have.” and he continued “On the other hand, he will clearly try to attack Hezbollah until it is eliminated and of course we also have the West Bank. So, Netanyahu will […]
Source: News Beast

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