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Turkey: NATO's unpredictable number 2 and Erdogan's role

“Neither in black nor in white, but in grey. That is where the relationship between Turkey and NATO lies.” Political scientist Celine Nasi from the London School of Economics and Political Science describes Turkey's role in the North Atlantic Alliance with this phrase, according to “DW”. The fact that Turkey seeks to have good relations with Russia and China has led in recent years to question whether Ankara remains loyal to NATO. The many instances in which Turkey has charted its own course, such as the military intervention in Northern Syria in 2018 or the blocking of Finland and Sweden from joining the Alliance, have sparked debates in the West as to whether Turkey actually belongs to the Alliance or not. comments on the article. The second largest army Due to the Russian threat, Turkey, like many other states, had to abandon the neutrality stance it had maintained after World War II. When Stalin […]
Source: News Beast

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