Netflix series cuts from the cast character that would make Latin housekeeper after criticism

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Netflix’s upcoming comedy series “Uncoupled,” starring Neil Patrick Harris, will no longer feature a Latino domestic character after an actor publicly criticized the role for being “stereotyped and monotonous.”

Ada Maris, known for her roles in TV series “Mayans MC” and “Nurses” and the 1986 film “About Last Night,” told Variety that she found the character humiliating and one-dimensional and was surprised to see the role. after some recent advances in the representation of Latinos.

“When I opened it and saw that it wasn’t even funny – it was painful and derogatory – I was shocked because I came in expecting something very different, given the way things are today and the progress we’ve made,” Maris said in an interview with the publication.

“Uncoupled” was created by Darren Star, who is also behind the TV shows “Beverly Hills, 90210”, “Sex and the City” and “Emily in Paris”.

The series features a man named Michael, played by Harris, who is taken by surprise when her husband leaves him after 17 years, and now must face the dissolution of his marriage and single life in New York City as a gay man. 40 years old.

Maris saw portions of the script for the first episode with a character named Carmen, who is the character’s housekeeper for Michael. In the first scene, according to Variety, Carmen is presented as “almost hysterical on the phone,” calling Michael to say in poor English that she suspects her apartment has been robbed.

“Sir, I just got here and they stole!” would be your speech. “They stole! They stole you! I don’t know how they got in.”

In the second scene, she reported to Variety, Carmen scolds Michael for the way he washed a glass, saying, “No, I do that. You don’t clean well, you always leave a mess.”

Reading the role of Carmen made Maris so outraged that she wrote an open letter to Star and Harris.

“I’m fed up,” she said. “If I’m not going to say anything now, when am I going to say something? I just want writers to think about the next time they write a character like that. I’m speaking for the younger actors that are coming, so they face even less than my generation.”

Harris is the executive producer of the series, but was not involved in writing or casting the role of the Latina housekeeper, Variety reported.

A CNN contacted Netflix for comment. The streaming service said, in a statement to Variety, that it apologized to Maris and that the character had been removed from the show.

(Text translated, read original in English here)

Reference: CNN Brasil

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