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New Book Reveals Alina Kabaeva’s Secrets – Theories About Putin’s Secret Marriage And Children

“Alina, l’amour secret de Poutine” (Alina, Putin’s secret love) is the title of the new book released on September 13 in France by Arthaud publications and aims to shed light on the mysterious life of his mistress Vladimir Putin, Alina Kabaeva. The author is the sportswriter of the French newspaper L’Equipe Céline Noni, who after years of research reveals the secrets of the mysterious woman from Russia, the “tsarina without a crown”, as the French magazine Le Point calls the 40-year-old Olympic gold medalist in rhythmic gymnastics.

40-year-old Alina Kabaeva was born in Uzbekistan to a Tatar father and a Russian mother. From the age of three, Alina came into contact with rhythmic gymnastics, while in her teens she moved with her mother to Russia. She was a rare talent in rhythmic gymnastics and held the title of “the most flexible woman in Russia”. The gold medalist was a skilled athlete who combined talent with beauty.

After retiring from active duty in 2005, she worked at various jobs. She had a short career in singing, worked briefly as a model, until 2008, the year Kabaeva elected MP with Putin’s party, rumors about their secret love affair began to “swell”. When Putin finally got divorce from his wife Ludmila mother of his two (known) children, then everyone was relatively sure about their relationship. What sparked the rumors were two appearances by Kabaeva with a ring that looked like a wedding ringwith the tabloids making one front page after another.

Are the Russian President and Rhythmic Gymnastics Gold Medalist Married?

The author states in her book that there is no relevant information, although in the last five to ten years Kabaeva has been seen wearing a wedding ring, but sometimes she takes it off. However, it has been almost a year since the Olympic gold medalist appeared in public with her wedding ring. Which makes many suspect that the couple has entered into a secret Wedding. Something that has not been officially confirmed.

Has Kabaeva had children with Putin?

From time to time the international media have written about the issue but without having secure information. After research, the author of the new book states that it is certain that Kabaeva has had three pregnancies to date since the day her relationship with Vladimir Putin became known. Although the gender of the children that came into the world has not been known, in the last pregnancy Kabaeva had twins. Alina Kabaeva herself has never disclosed the number of her children, so although there is confusion about how many children the secretive couple has had, the author, citing her sources, emphasizes that Kabaeva and Putin have at least one male child, which makes a difference, since the Russian president and his ex-wife had two daughters. “Alina by giving a son to Putin consolidated her position,” says the author in her interview with Le Point.

The mysterious death of the Russian gynecologist in Switzerland

The question of how Russian-born Swiss gynecologist Natalya Thibaut Kondratieva died suddenly in Switzerland remains unanswered. The 63-year-old gynecologist led the medical team at Kabaeva’s delivery in a Swiss clinic in 2015. Four years later, she was found dead in Switzerland without an official cause of death being announced.

Multi-million salary for the mistress of the Russian President

The book reveals that Alina Kabaeva is highly paid as the head of the large Russian media group NMG and earns $10 million a year. Also, according to revelations in the book, Kabaeva owns several properties, including apartments, country houses and a huge mansion in Sochi with an art gallery and a swimming pool. However, all these properties are not in the name of Kabaeva herself but of her close relatives including her mother, sister and grandmother. The luxurious mansion in Sochi is named after the latter.

“She has clearly become the voice of power,” says the author of the book about Kabaeva to Le Point and emphasizes that the “uncrowned tsarina” does not make public appearances but directs the Kremlin’s propaganda from her position of power in the Russian media .

Information from leparisien and lepoint.

Source: News Beast

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